Kirstie Allsopp trolled as people show what houses they can afford after cancelling Netflix

Kirstie Allsopp trolled as people show what houses they can afford after cancelling Netflix
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Believe us, we’re speaking from experience when we say millennials are sick of older people telling them how easy it is to buy a house in 2022 – and Kirstie Allsopp is one of the main offenders.

The Location, Location, Location star is being trolled online after suggesting that young people can afford their own place just by cancelling their Netflix subscription and giving up their little luxuries.

She even said it "enraged" her when younger people said they couldn't afford to become homeowners.

Kirstie, who incidentally reportedly bought her first home aged 21 after receiving help from her family, said youngsters could buy themselves if they gave up paying for coffees, gym memberships and streaming services.

When the 50-year-old bought her first place, the average house price was around £51,000 – which is £112,000 when adjusted for inflation, compared with the average price of £255,556 today.

The presenter said people should just cancel Netflix to afford a houseJeff Spicer/Getty Images

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Speaking to the Sunday Times, she said: "When I bought my first property, going abroad, the EasyJet, coffee, gym, Netflix lifestyle didn't exist. I used to walk to work with a sandwich. And on payday I'd go for a pizza, and to a movie, and buy a lipstick."

She added: "I don't want to belittle those people who can't do it. But there are loads of people who can do it and don't. It is hard. We've fallen into the trap of saying it's impossible for everybody. It's about where you can buy, not if you can buy. There is an issue around the desire to make those sacrifices."

The comments haven’t gone down well online, as you might expect.

In fact, they even led one social media user to put together a map showing “how many years you’d have to go without Netflix to afford the average price [of a] house in each UK region”.

Plenty of others ridiculed Kirsty’s comments too.

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