Laverne Cox says she ‘never ever’ wants to become a parent—and social media is supportive.

While the actress and LGBT activist said parenthood is among the most fulfilling “hoods” to be a part of, and being a parent is the “most important job” on Earth, she said she has “never ever” desired to play such a role in the future.

The actress shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram account to those in her life who have recently become parents while also revealing that she has no intention to be a parent.

“I see so many friends and colleagues becoming parents. I’m so happy for you all,” Cox’s message began. “I’m even happier for me, ecstatic even that I am NOT becoming a parent, ever, never ever. The thought brings me so much joy!”

Despite the pleasure she has in watching her loved ones become parents, she continues to state that she wants to focus on recreating a better upbringing for herself.

“Take pleasure in the most important job on the planet, raising children. I’m enjoying watching you from a distance,” she said.

Cox then noted that she is still doing some self-reflection for her “inner child.”

“I’m doing the work of reparenting my inner child. That’s more than enough work,” she added.

Fans in the comments were beyond supportive of Cox’s sentiments.

“Reparenting your inner child…wow. That really just spoke to me!” someone wrote.

“Oh, I relate to this so much! Thank you!!!! Choosing [not ot] have children comes with so much judgment. It’s frustrating,” another added.

Someone else pointed out the effort and time needed to work on the “inner child.”

“You DESERVE to reparent [your] inner child. That is work. It takes effort, [a] relentless effort that must be worked on almost every day,” they wrote.

Laverne has been open with her fans about her upbringing and the work she’s put in to overcome her challenges. In an interview with Zac Posen in 2018, she revealed that the most challenging thing she’s experienced as an adult is genuinely accepting herself.

“I think a lot of it has been getting out of my own way,” she told Posen about some of the doubts she had about herself. I think that a lot of the reason I was bullied is because there was a light that I had as a kid that the other kids saw, and they were afraid of it.”

We wish Laverne well on her journey of nourishing her inner child with the hopes that she continues to see the “light” within herself.

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