Lil Wayne offered to financially take care of police officer who saved his life

Lil Wayne offered to financially take care of police officer who saved his life

Rapper Lil Wayne says he always remembered Robert “Uncle Bob” Hoobler, a New Orleans police officer who saved him after a suicide attempt when he was just 12 years old.

To this day, Wayne has his back and has even offered to take care of him financially if he ever needs any help.

Speaking to TMZ, Hoobler mentioned that he saw Lil Wayne in 2019 when the rapper was in New Orleans for a radio show. It was then that the rapper offered to provide Hoobler with financial support if needed. All he would have to do is say so.

Hoobler added that he didn’t take Lil Wayne up on the offer. However, there were some talks about him joining the rapper’s camp as an employee, but it’s still up in the air.

In a recent interview with Emmanuel Acho - a Philadelphia Eagles linebacker and Fox Sports 1 analyst - Lil Wayne opened up about mental health challenges he experienced as a child in a home where children aren’t supposed to outwardly express their feelings, as well as the incident with “Uncle Bob.”

Lil Wayne admitted that he had called the police and knew where his mom kept her gun that he used to intentionally shoot himself in the chest at 12-years-old. ‘Uncle Bob’ was the officer who rescued him and refused to let that be his last day on Earth.

When the police arrived at the scene, they knocked on the door to come in. After a while, they decided to take the door off of the hinges and entered the home to see the rapper on the floor bleeding.

“The cops saw me, and jumped clean over me and went to this house talking about, ‘I found the drugs, I found the gun,’ doing all that,” Lil Wayne told Acho in the interview.

But it took Hoobler appearing on the scene to notice him and he refused to step over him.

“It took a guy named Uncle Bob... when he got to the top of the steps and saw me there, he refused to even step over me,” Lil Wayne said.

He also noted that one of the officers yelled out, “I got the drugs,” again, which angered Uncle Bob. “I don’t give a f*** about no drugs. Do you not see the baby on the ground,” Lil Wayne recounted.

Uncle Bob picked Lil Wayne up in his arms and took him to the hospital to make sure he was good.

Lil Wayne has always remained grateful for Uncle Bob’s humility. In 2015, he had a song called “London Roads,” which talked about Uncle Bob saving him and suggested that he had passed away.

Bob is very much still alive, though, and said that he reached out to Wayne to let him know that the reports of his death are false.

He even noted that Lil Wayne was ready to pay for the funeral, which thankfully was not needed.

When they met up again, Uncle Bob told Lil Wayne that he didn’t want anything but was “happy to see that [he] saved a life that mattered.”

Check out Lil Wayne’s interview with Emmanuel Acho below.

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