Lionel Messi fans baffled after hearing him speak English in Bad Boys 4 trailer

Lionel Messi fans baffled after hearing him speak English in Bad Boys 4 trailer
Lionel Messi interrupts Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's Bad Boys 4 kick-about
Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Leo Messi

One of the greatest footballers of all time, if not the, has made a surprise cameo in a movie trailer that's left fans stunned.

Lionel Messi appeared in a promo trailer for Bad Boys: Ride or Die, the fourth instalment in the comedy action series starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

It's the very first time the 36-year-old, who now plays for David Beckham's Inter Miami in the MLS, has publicly spoken English.

In a promotional trailer for the movie, Messi knocks on the door of a house Smith and Lawrence's characters Mike and Marcus are in.

They both answer and can't believe who's at the door before Messi says: "Bad Boys?"

Mike and Marcus' faces drop before Marcus says: "Wrong casa."

Mike then says while pointing: "They live down..."

Messi again says "Bad Boys" before the door is then closed on him as Mike says "Bad Boys is down... The other thing."

Fans took to social media with some brilliant reactions of their shock.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die sees Mike and Marcus on the run.

Messi's cameo is part of a trailer that also features Jimmy Butler, an NBA star for Miami Heat.

He knocks on their door before Messi and asks if he can train to be like them but after comically failing, he re-signs for the Heat.

The video also shows outtakes of Smith, Lawrence and Butler trying to film but falling into fits of laughter.

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