Logan Paul’s Fox Business interview is the weirdest thing you’ll see today

Logan Paul’s Fox Business interview is the weirdest thing you’ll see today

If there's anyone who believes all publicity is good publicity, it's Logan Paul...

Yesterday, the YouTube star went on Fox Business for a bizarre, rambling interview about his huge social media following, his controversial past and his charity athletics tournament - although based upon some of the bzzarre lines he reeled off on the show, you'd be forgiven for wondering why he was even there in the frst place.

You can watch some of the highlights from it below:

Here’s what we learned from the interview:

  • Logan Paul is not controversial anymore, he's “ex-controversial”

  • Logan Paul is the “fastest entertainer on the planet”

  • Logan Paul apparently spends more money than he makes

  • Logan Paul has pink eye - it has a two week incubation period 

For anyone who’s forgotten why Paul was controversial, the internet star caused outrage when he visited an area of Japan known as the “suicide forest” in 2017 and filmed an apparent suicide victim for a video on his YouTube channel.

Earlier this year, he was also widely-criticised for saying he would “go gay for a month” - a comment LGBT+ groups said was disrespectful.

It looks like the Fox Business interview was supposed to be an advert for his Challenger games - a sort of YouTuber Olympics to raise money for charity - but ultimately it came across as another cynical attempt to get himself back in the news after a turbulent past few years.

And to be fair to him, it certainly got people's attention… but at what cost?

There were some people who claimed Paul got exactly what he wanted out of the interview - e.g. another viral moment.

And he seemed happy with his performance on his Twitter account yesterday.

But it’s worth remembering that doing stupid things for attention is how Paul nearly ruined his career.

It looks like he's got a long way to go before he's "ex-controversial" for a lot of people.

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