Police say Logan Paul is a 'dumb criminal’ and could be charged with 4 crimes

Police say Logan Paul is a 'dumb criminal’ and could be charged with 4 crimes

“We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest….”

Was the title of the now infamous deleted video that resulted in the downfall of YouTube vlogger Logan Paul.

A huge backlash unfolded after the ‘goofy dude with BIG goals’ posted a video showing the body of dead person in a Japanese forest on 31 December. The man reportedly took his own life.

Mr Paul has since issued two apologies for the video.

However, the vlogger's trip to Japan was problematic for other reasons. If he were to return to the country Mr Paul could possibly face charges for at least four misdemeanors due to actions portrayed in a series of videos he produced.

According to The Daily Beastthese allegedly include:

Destruction of property

Public indecency

Interference with business operations

Traffic violations

A former police detective told the outlet:

Plus he’s left video evidence, on his own YouTube channel.

We haven’t seen such a dumb criminal since those idiots uploaded videos of themselves bullying a convenience store clerk and stealing cigarettes.

Taihei Ogawa, one of Japan's most decorated and well-respected former police officers, also told The Daily Beast.

It’s not an issue that you’re Japanese or a foreigner—but that you’re breaking the law. And you’re showing these lawless acts to thousands of people who follow you on YouTube, which sets a bad example.

Even if you did things as a prank, you damaged property, you bothered people, you obstructed the work of innocent people trying to make an honest living, you were rude to many and you were a pain in the ass.

If the hotel wanted to press charges, any police department would follow up on it—and you have uploaded the evidence for them.

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