Lucy Watson's top tips on becoming vegan and actually sticking to it

Lucy Watson's top tips on becoming vegan and actually sticking to it

The unstoppable rise of veganism is divisive, its move from maverick to mainstream leaving some meat-and-dairy lovers trembling with rage and vegans with excitement.

Made in Chelsea's Lucy Watson, author of ‘Feed me Vegan’, jumped happily on board the vegan training after watching the Netflix documentary Cowspiracy,

That's when "everything changed" and she switched out vegetarianism for veganism, she told indy100:

As soon as I found out how cruel the dairy and egg industries are, it made sense to stop eating these products.

Lucy - who has also started a vegan restaurant with her sister, Tiff, and dedicates her life to campaigning for animal rights and veganism- has fully embraced the diet, saying it has hugely benifitted her.

"Best decision ever!" she said, explaining how she has "much more energy, my nails are stronger and my immune system is much better" since making the change. She added:

It’s easy for people to try to tell me that I’m missing things from my diet, but you can get everything you need from plants. I know I’m now the healthiest I’ve ever been and will never look back.

Intent on spreading the feel-good flavour, Lucy has shared some top tips for becoming vegan and actually sticking to it.

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