Woman tells distressing story of time a Lyft driver tried to kidnap her

Woman tells distressing story of time a Lyft driver tried to kidnap her

A young mother from Houston, Texas, has taken to Facebook Live to give a harrowing account of a Lyft driver's apparent attempt to kidnap her.

Jeanette Mitchell says she had experienced car trouble on the morning in question after dropping her daughter off at school and was advised by her partner to take a cab to work instead.

When the Lyft arrived and set off, she quickly became anxious about the driver avoiding obvious main roads, making multiple turns down side streets and ignoring the instructions of his GPS.

She asked him why he was taking the diversions and he refused to answer, simply carrying on driving.

She persisted, demanding to know:

Why are you turning here? This is not the way to my job.

He told her to "be quiet" before pulling up behind a truck, whose driver, in turn, got out, opened a set of gates leading to an industrial area and advised the Lyft man to back up into a nearby warehouse.

It was at this point Mitchell got out and ran for safety, making it to a nearby gas station and calling the police.

At was at this point she filmed the video she subsequently posted on the social network on Tuesday.

Still visibly shaken, she uses the short film to warn other women to be careful in similar situations:

It's real out here. You have to be safe so anybody who's riding in a Lyft or Uber or anything be careful. Be careful.

I don't know what these people would have done to me... I don't know if they was going to try to rape me or do anything to me but be careful, be safe, share this video to whoever you need to share it to.

I am safe though but this is crazy. I am scared out of my mind.

Indy100 has contacted Lyft for comment.

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