Machine Gun Kelly revealing he had a poster of Megan Fox in his teenage room has sparked a hilarious new trend
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly has revealed that he was a big fan of his girlfriend Megan Fox, long before the couple had even met as the singer had a poster of her on his bedroom wall when he was a teenager.

The 31-year-old told GQ Magazine that he was a big fan of the Transformers movies that Fox had starred in and even had a Decepticons tattoo but the star, real name Colson Baker had an affection for the film’s female lead and had even reportedly told at least one classmate that he would vow to “marry [Fox] one day.”

The poster that Baker owned was actually from a GQ shoot that Fox had done leading him to say “So that’s some full-circle s**t.”

Now Baker wouldn’t be the first teenager to have a poster of his crush on his bedroom wall but almost none of us have ever actually got to date them. So with that in mind radio host, Bekah Berger asked Twitter: “Going by a poster you had in your room as a teen…who would you be in a relationship with right now?”

Some of the answers were very sweet, if not predictable given the era people grew up in.

Others were absolutely hilarious.

We see you, university poster shop customers.

You might be asking yourself, how old was Megan Fox when she was appearing on posters, given that Machine Gun Kelly is 31?

At 35-years-old, Fox is only a few years older than Baker but was shot to superstardom after appearing in numerous Michael Bay blockbusters when she was just a teenager, where she was sexualized from a young age, something that she has in the past spoken about.

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