Madonna compared to 'sleep paralysis demon' after wearing lace balaclava

Madonna compared to 'sleep paralysis demon' after wearing lace balaclava
Madonna's nude photos get her banned from Instagram Live

Instagram users have had a bit of a shock this morning while enjoying their morning scroll, when they stumbled across Madonna in another questionable outfit choice, with this one actually being mildly terrifying.

A post on the singer's Instagram page shows Madonna with her son, David, dressed to attend the WBA World Lightweight Championship boxing match in New York.

Madonna and her son, David.@madonna Instagram

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Swiping right shows more photos of the mother and son at the fight, and then a photo of the outfit in question.

In the said photo, Madonna is wearing a black, lace balaclava, sticking her tongue out at the camera while leaning back on a sofa.

Now, this is pretty tame for Madonna, who has come under fire recently for posting a revealing TikTok video of her dancing in a thong. The real scary stuff is on her Instagram story, which shows close-up clips of Madonna in her unusual headgear.

Madonna wearing her lace balaclava that has left Instagram users scared and confused.@madonna Instagram

One Twitter user posted a shot of Madonna's Instagram story, saying "I can't stop laughing at this photo of Madonna", with another user calling her a "sleep paralysis demon" in reply.

The story also shows a close up of the singer's grills, as well as her puffing from a bright-orange hookah pipe and blowing the steam at the camera.

This comes a few days after reportedly coming back onto the dating market.

According toHeat magazine, Madonna has dumped her latest fling, 28-year-old Ahlamalik Williams, with the hopes of finding some "quality arm candy to accompany her to events and help her destress behind the scenes".

While this is a bit TMI, good on her for knowing what she wants and how to get it; although it's a bit off that if you aren't "completely devoid of wrinkles, grey hairs, and sagging muscles", you've got basically no chance.

Demanding only young and slim men as the 63-year-old "Queen of Pop" is definitely dodgy.

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