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Alan Lee, a Hong Kong columnist for the English service of the Hong Kong Economic Journal,EJ Insight, has been utterly slated for an article that recently appeared on the site.

Titled “Hey sisters, get real or die alone” it claimed:

The only reason why an average woman over the age of 30 is still not married is because nobody wants to marry her.

"If an average woman can’t get married by the age of 40, it’s basically Armageddon for her", his deep, thoughtful analysis continues. "She will either be seen as a freak or a nun by people around her."

Men are like fine wine. They all start out as rough grapes. It’s a woman’s job to work on them and keep them in the barrel until they mature into something you’d like to have dinner with.

And in threw in some comments about “Kong girls”, a derogatory term used to describe women in Hong Kong, for good measure.

Local young females who bear the kinds of character flaws and twisted values typical of Hong Kong women, such as being materialistic, calculating, snobbish, inconsiderate, selfish, ignorant, non-demure and notoriously hard to please.

...you'd think people would love it, right?

Wrong. EJ Insight and Lee were inundated with complaints, which eventually led to the article being taken down:

Quartz responded with an article of their own, titled:

Coconuts Hong Kong wrote a scathing critique of the article, and Lee, faced with the disapproval of the internet, completely lost it on the Coconuts' Facebook page:

I don't care whether you people call me a male chauvinist pig, sexist, cynic or misogynist, or whatever... political correctness is not my concern and I was just calling a spade a spade.

He even lost it with the commenters.

I bet you are one of those wimps who carry handbags for their girlfriends. I need not show any respect for some low-life scum like you. F--K YOU TOO!

Fine, telling the truth is ignorant. Do you know how we call people who don't even have the balls to tell people the truth? We call them coward, just like you.

The article has since been removed. indy100 has contacted EJ Insight for comment - but according to Hong Kong Coconuts, Lee is still active on their Facebook page, mouthing off at anyone who crosses his path.

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