Mansplainer gets schooled on history and tries to brag his way out by boasting about how many books he owns

Paramount's classic 1956 adaptation of War and Peace and the killer tweet
Paramount's classic 1956 adaptation of War and Peace and the killer tweet

Historian Katrina Gulliver has posted a devastating exchange on Twitter with a professional mansplainer that was so agonisingly dumb the guilty party has since deleted his account in shame.

Gulliver had been responding to another user - "Marchella" - who said that after watching The Last Czars on Netflix and reading Leo Tolstoy's legendary doorstop War and Peace (1869), the lesson she had taken away was:

It's so important to teach your kiddos of the follies of communism.

You have the internet, research for yourself. For the love of God.

Gulliver asked Marchella what War and Peace had to do with communism when a gentleman operating under the wordy pseudonym "The Righteous Pumpkin Trebuchet" blundered in with the unhelpful answer:

The communist revolution.

Puzzled, Gulliver came back with:

War and Peace is set in the Napoleonic Wars. A century before the Bolsheviks.

The Pumpkin, already rattled, decided honesty was the best policy at this point.

I'm gonna level with you; I have neither watched it or read the book.

I assumed it was about the Russian revolution as it was written by Tolstoy, who was sort of into that kind of thing.

When Gulliver pointed out the great author died in 1910 and was therefore not around to be "into" the events of 1917, the Pumpkin bowed out with a final flourish.

Russian history is not my forte. I will stick to the British/Roman/Greek history section of my personal library numbering 500+ books. Cheers.

When the historian posted screenshots of the exchange, the reaction online was sheer glee.

As several responders observed, the whole episode sounds like a conversation between Veronica Corningstone and Ron Burgundy in Anchorman (2004), the moustachioed news hound famously telling his co-host with some confidence that "San Diego" translates from the Spanish to mean "a whale's vagina", to which she reacts with polite incredulity before telling him it really just means "Saint Diego".

"Agree to disagree," Ron blusters.

Like the Righteous Pumpkin, Burgundy also boasts of having "many leather-bound books... and my apartment smells of rich mahogany."

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