Musk's mother calls out mysterious anonymous account that helped get 'Poor Elon' trending

Musk's mother calls out mysterious anonymous account that helped get 'Poor Elon' trending
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Maye Musk took to Twitter to defend her son, Elon Musk, after 'Poor Elon' began trending on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Elon, 50, tweeted that he intended to vote Republican in the future because the Democratic Party is one of "division and hate" leading to some backlash from people.

Following the announcement, Tesla stock fell 6.8 percent, leading to people on Twitter to mock Elon by saying "Poor Elon." The phrase began trending on the platform.

"MAGAs don’t buy electric cars. Poor Elon Musk, I thought he was smarter than that," one user wrote.

"Poor Elon lost 12 Billion Dollars today so he’s a little cranky…" another chimed in.

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But as any good mother does, Musk, 74, quickly defended her son by calling-out a Twitter account that used the phrase for seemingly being a troll or spam bot.

"Is this a bot or troll? 16 followers and nearly 2000 likes. Makes you think? #NastyNasty," Musk wrote while providing a screenshot of a Twitter account who used the "Poor Elon" phrase.

The 79-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover star then followed-up after doing some digging.

"Digging deeper... Poor Elon is trending. This Twitter account has 16 followers. It has over 1000 likes and nearly 400 retweets by people who have also very few followers. One has only 7 followers. Who is creating these trends? And why are they dishonest and malicious?"

The model and dietician also tweeted a screenshot of another account with little followers using the "Poor Elon" phrase and pondered if the account may be a bot using trending phrases to gain followers or likes.

Musk implied that the accounts making "nasty comments" are not authentic users.

The increasing number of bots and spam accounts on Twitter have been a point of contention, especially for Elon. The Tesla CEO's bid for Twitter was recently put on hold due to an investigation into the number of spam and bot accounts.

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