An anti-vaxxer mocked measles with her Halloween costume and it backfired badly

An anti-vaxxer mocked measles with her Halloween costume and it backfired badly
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While we're all for going all out on Halloween, mocking a disease that regularly kills people that are unprotected from it is never going to end particularly well.

But in a moment that can only be described as 'peak antivax', that’s exactly what someone decided to do.

It all began with a pretty incendiary viral Facebook post by Autumn Dayss, in which she posed as an antivaxx mother holding the skeleton of her unvaccinated child.

While some thought Ms Dayss' choice of costume was hilarious, there were others, many of them espousing the benefits of not vaccinating your children, who took it less well.

So much so, it inspired someone to respond by covering themselves in red dots, ironically writing "shots fired", with the caption:

Was trying to think of the least scary thing I could be for Halloween…so I became the measles ✌️

Unfortunately for the unidentified antivaxxer (let's run with "Karen"), it appeared that a furious doctor was ready with a heartbreaking response.

For anyone unable to see the above, here's what they said:

Would you like to accompany me on my rounds? You can tell our measles, encephalitis and viral sepsis patients, the ones in comas and seizures and high fevers, that their suffering isn't all that bad and is just being exaggerated by "Big Pharma" and clueless quacks who "HaVeNt DoNe ThEiR r EsEaRcH" like me. 

You can even assist with the spinal tap! Read your favourite vaccine insert to them while they sob in fear and agony. Very cool and very fun!

In case you haven't noticed by my sarcasm, you're a horrible person and possibly a sociopath. How I wish children suffering in the infectious ward could dress as "fake diseases" for Halloween like the privileged idiots who put them there.

Karen did eventually post an apology, saying her actions hadn't been "Christ like" and she hadn't meant the costume "AS A JAB" against babies who have died from measles.

It's unclear whether her continued use of vaccine related puns was accidental. Given the reasoning that followed as she doubled down hard on her antivax stance, it's probably safe to assume that it was. She said:

What I'm NOT sorry for, is that I don't fear the measles ...

After a comparison between global strep and measles fatalities that seemed to miss the entire point of immunisation, she said:

My post, as rude as it may have been, is a call to re-examine what we live in fear of .... I would not call you heartless and cruel if you were unafraid of the common cold even though it HAS killed people. Yet most called me heartless and cruel for not being afraid of measles.

Thanks Karen, we wish we had your bravery.

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