Video resurfaces of Meat Loaf telling a young James Corden to 'never give up'

Video resurfaces of Meat Loaf telling a young James Corden to 'never give up'


Before James Corden was the host of The Late Late Show in Los Angeles, Corden had spent years in the industry back in the UK as a an aspiring star.

In one of his many assignments back in 1995, he had the chance to interview the late rock legend Meat Loaf, who sadly passed away this week.

The interview features many sweet moments between a young Corden with big dreams and the established singer.

As tributes pour in in honor of his death, BBC shared. the old clip on their Twitter.

"We’ve posted a couple of interviews today of the late great Meat Loaf, but this one showcases what a gent he was," the BBC Archive wrote. "Here he is being pretty sweet towards a very young James Corden in 1995."

At one point in the interview when Corden asked him what his thoughts are on promotional tours for his new album, Meat Loaf literally bangs his head on the table to show just how drained participating in them makes him feel.

In response, Corden questioned what "keeps him going," to which Meat Loaf replied: “You! As grumpy as I might be before I get down here, the people that I talk to and I meet are always pretty interesting. As much as the interviewer wants to find out about me, I’m just as interested in finding out about him or her.”

For his final question, Corden revealed that he's in a band. "What advice would you give to me?” Corden said.

Meat Loaf in turn offered some sage advice to Corden and explained “The one thing you gotta do, you always do the best you can do. And you never give up and never quit.”

Back in 2016, the BBC had re-posted the video which led Meat Loaf to tweet out: “This is great! Memories! Hey @JKCorden let's recreate some afternoon tea and you can tell me how your band is doin’!”

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