Gladys Hooper is celebrating her 112th birthday today, just three days after becoming the oldest person in Britain. She says she doesn't feel a day over 70.

The supercentenarian, assumed the mantle on Thursday following the death of Ethel Lang who was 114.

On hearing the news, the Isle of Wight native explained: "I am surprised. I thought I was just the oldest person on the island."

I have always been busy, I prefer being busy than being idle, that's what I don't like about now, I can't get about like I used to.

I have always lived a straight life, never done stupid things. I have never gone beyond the limit, always been active. I think always being active keeps you young.

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Undated family handout photo of Gladys Hooper, sitting on her father, William Nash's knee (Picture: PA)

I have done what I wanted to do and helped others as much as I could.

I do not feel anything like the age I am, I do not feel any different to when I was 70.

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