This is the best way to shutdown a homophobic preacher we've ever seen

Where words fail, music speaks

So said Hans Christian Andersen two centuries ago, and it's a quote that comes to mind when watching this video of voice actor Rob Maiale interrupting a preacher on New York's subway - with a fabulous rendition of I've got a Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Maiale gave an interview to Buzzfeed about the incident, saying he decided to start singing when the preacher asked a lesbian couple on the train with their child: "what are you going to tell that child when he asks why you’re living in sin and going to go to hell?".

I decided that this guy wasn’t going to get to talk anymore. I myself am neither religious, nor gay, but if you want to live in this city, you need to learn how to be civil.

According to Isaac Jaffe, the passenger who took the video, the police later boarded the train and escorted the preacher off.

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