Meet the man who really, *really* hates Britain

Well, England specifically...

Revealing some ‘home truths’?

A Portuguese professor has pilloried England as “one of the most rigid and rotten societies in Europe, possibly the world”.

In his book Bifes Mal Passados (Undercooked Beef), Joao Magueijo describes the English as “wild beasts who eat food so greasy it needs detergent”.

Don’t sugar the pill, Joao...

The Imperial College London physics professor said he wrote the book, among Portugal’s best-sellers for the last five months, as a response to a “pathologically violent” English culture.

He despairs of the English, who are “always fighting”, and claims: “I never met such a group of animals.”

Maybe he needs time to settle in.

The professor has already been living England for 25 years. He arrived in 1989 to do a master’s degree and PhD in theoretical physics and went on to spend spent seven years as a fellow at St John’s College, Cambridge.

What does he find so objectionable about England?

The scientist brands the diet in the country as “deplorable”. Drinking culture is also a bone of contention: “It is not unusual to drink 12 pints, or two huge buckets of beer per person,” he declares.

Time to go into hiding?

“I trust the British sense of humour,” he told The Sunday Times, saying he loves British “tolerance, creativity, the madness of the people”.

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