Everyone is asking the same question about Melania Trump's sunglasses

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Returning from a visit to the survivors of the Las Vegas shootings, First Lady Melania Trump emerged into the night from Marine One, still wearing her sunglasses.

Melania Trump has been criticised before for her choice of attire when visiting the sites of catastrophes.

Previously she was roundly mocked for her descision to wear high heels while visiting the hurricane stricken areas of Texas and Florida - with many calling them inappropriate.

On Wednesday, the First Lady and the President returned from Nevada to Washington D.C, and for some reason Mrs Trump kept her sunglasses on.

Picture: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images


Weirdly enough, this is not a one off thing.

She did the same on Tuesday night when the pair returned from visiting Puerto Rico.

3 October 2017. Picture:3 October 2017. Picture: Mike Theiler-Pool/Getty Images

And on 29 August when she and the President returned from Houston, Texas.

29 August 2017 Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Even when returning from a 'working vacation' in New Jersey in August, the sun was down, and the glasses were on.

20 August. Picture:20 August 2017 (Picture: Jim Lo Scalzo - Pool/Getty Images)

Possibly the flash bulbs at photo pool events like this are uncomfortably bright, or it's a question of shyness - though one would expect a former model is used to photography.

So far, that crack investigative squad, Twitter, has these theories:

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