Mexican family build ‘border wall’ for racist neighbour after he complained about their music

Mexican family build ‘border wall’ for racist neighbour after he complained about their music

We all know the old adage “good fences make good neighbours”, but sometimes you need a little more than just a few thin planks of wood to keep the peace.

This was the lesson learned by Mexican-American TikTok user dandyjr_08 – real name Adrian Jr Carrillo – when he was confronted by the racist ramblings of the man next door.

Taking a leaf out of Donald Trump’s book, Carrillo decided to construct a border wall between the two properties after the neighbour allegedly told his family: “Go back to your country”.

The disgruntled man was furious about the Latino music being played as the Carrillos enjoyed some Easter celebrations in their backyard.

“My dad was next to the fence when he (started) saying to turn that off ‘you f***in’ Mexicans’,” adding: “Go back to your country’” Carrillo told DailyDot.

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“That’s when we stepped in to defend him.”

In a recording of the incident posted on YouTube and TikTok, Carrillo can be seen marching over to the fence and slamming down a tall wooden wall right in their harasser’s face.

The neighbour then allegedly shouted: “F*** all of you,” before leaving the scene.

The neighbour can be seen peering over the wall and saying something to the Carrillos

“Never let racist neighbors stop you from hearing Mexican music,” Carrillo wrote in the caption to the clip, which has since been viewed more than 8.4 times on TikTok alone.

The proud dad explained that he had shared the video online to show people “how to handle racism without violence.”

He said the incident took place at his parents’ home on Easter Sunday.

Carrillo explained that his parents have lived in Melrose Park, Illinois, for the past three years, where the Hispanic community makes up 75 per cent of the total population.

It is not the first time the neighbour has behaved menacingly towards them, he added.

In another instance, the man banged at the door while Carrillo’s brother was practising with his band inside the home.

“He came in private property so we got into a little argument and he left after we told him we were gonna call the cops for trespassing on private property,” Carrillo told Daily Dot.

Viewers of the latest exchange have shared their support for the Carrillos, with one TikToker writing: “That’s how you do it! Viva Mexico cabrones!”

Another commented: “Trump – four years no wall. Mexicans – wall in 0.5 seconds.”

Meanwhile others pointed out that the scene looked suspiciously like something out of Home Improvement:

Tell us it wasn’t you, Tim Allen?

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