Mr Beast sparks debate after tipping waitress who can't even drive with a car

Mr Beast sparks debate after tipping waitress who can't even drive with a car
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YouTuber and philanthropist MrBeast has sparked debate after tipping his waitress with a free car.

The YouTuber has made a significant amount of money based on his profile on the platform and in the past has helped to fund the rebuilding of homes, saving orphanages and giving away free meals.

In one recent clip on TikTok, MrBeast revealed that his latest act was to give a waitress a car rather than a cash tip after his meal. The waitress revealed that she had actually been late that very day due to her Uber being slow.

While the waitress appeared happy and began to cry, she did also admit that she does not know how to drive. As MrBeast showed her the car outside, it was plastered with graphics advertising his new chocolate bar venture, Feastables.

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The clip has been viewed 49.7 million times and has garnered a mixed reaction from viewers.


Amy’s been getting to work without a car formonths, thanks to you we changed that :-)

On Twitter, someone argued: “Don’t get me wrong this is a nice thing but I wouldn’t love driving around a Feastables branded car. Maybe it was just for the video.”

Someone on TikTok also wrote: “First order of business, remove the wrap.”

Another questioned: “Isn't it gonna count as part of her income and make her go up a higher tax bracket forcing her to pay taxes she can't afford.”

Many others praised MrBeast for his generosity and encouraged the YouTuber to keep on giving.

One fan wrote: “MrBeast = Mr Best.”

TikTok star Joey Swoll wrote: “Wow. Keep doing amazing work brother.”

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