MrBeast hits out at YouTubers for photoshopping his tweets

MrBeast hits out at YouTubers for photoshopping his tweets
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MrBeast has hit out against YouTubers who photoshop fake tweets of his and use them in their video thumbnails to try and boost views.

In a tweet, the 25-year-old took to Twitter where he called out the clickbait - this is when creators use sensationalised or misleading headlines to reel audiences in.

First, he posted a screenshot of a video thumbnail by YouTuber Bolo showing an alleged tweet by MrBeast claiming that he will be dead within the next three years, with the titled called: "MrBeast's Disease Is Worse Than You Think," about MrBeast's Crohn's disease diagnosis.

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Along with this image, MrBeast wrote: "Thank god for this YouTube video or I wouldn’t have known I’m dying in three years."

Then in a follow-up tweet, he added: "Can we end the trend of Photoshopping fake tweets of mine as thumbnails? Thnx [Thanks]."

The response sparked a discussion online about clickbait on YouTube videos.

Some people didn't feel too sympathetic towards YouTube's biggest creator.

"Going viral comes with a cost. Maybe this is part of the cost," one person wrote.

Another person said: "Wait.. so since you're famous now you are calling out clickbait thumbnails?? look in the mirror my guy LOL."

Though many tweeted their support for MrBeast and criticised the clickbait methods some creators use to try to drive engagement.

One person said: "Tbh it would be very annoying if someone made a tweet I never made."

"How can they do that for a little bit more views. They are just playing with people's emotions," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I hate this, but by posting this you have given them more clout."

"It’s so scary to me that people would go out of their way to Photoshop images like that and put them out into the universe…" a fourth person commented.

Elsewhere, MrBeast has been accused of playing a ‘cruel’ prank on kids in the latest challenge and MrBeast wants to make a Netflix quiz show with the 'biggest prize ever'.

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