MrBeast accused of playing ‘cruel’ prank on kids in latest challenge

MrBeast accused of playing ‘cruel’ prank on kids in latest challenge
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YouTuber MrBeast has left people feeling sorry for a bunch of kids who thought they would win big money in one of his challenges.

MrBeast, whose real name is James Steven Donaldson, is well known for his generous gestures, often posting about them on his social media.

In the past, the YouTuber has given out amazing prizes like cash and cars, so when he and fellow creator, James Seo, approached two kids in a store and asked them to choose between “$1 dollar or [a] mystery gift” they happily chose the latter.

The TikTok clip has been viewed over 44 million times and showed two boys ripping into the wrapped “mystery gift” box. As they opened the box, they found another smaller box inside and continued to tear them open as they got progressively smaller.

As they got to the smallest box, one of the boys said: “It’s going to be like a key or something.”

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Replying to @Blank please collab @James Seo #mrbeastpls #mystery #mysterybox

But, as they unwrapped it they found a $1 dollar bill in a wooden box, meaning the whole unwrapping saga was completely pointless and cruel.

While MrBeast himself remained deadpan the entire time as the kids rushed to unwrap the mystery prize, some people have been left feeling sorry for the kids while others found the whole thing amusing.

One person commented: “This was so evil... would have just taken the $1 without the stress.”

Another said: “The one time I actually wanna see mr beast give something good away he doesn’t.”

“Bro really thought he was like get like $10,000,” another commented.

Someone else said: “I genuinely laughed out loud. My favorite video ever made by @MrBeast by far.”

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