Nick Ferrari claims he is a person of colour in bizarre interview

Nick Ferrari claims he is a person of colour in bizarre interview
Nick Ferrari claims he is a person of colour in bizarre interview

British radio host Nick Ferrari made the bizarre claim that he is a person of colour in an interview.

On Tuesday (10 May), Mike Bankhole - a Ph.D. candidate at King's College London in the Department of Political Economy - took to Twitter to share a clip of the peculiar exchange he had with the radio host.

"Nick Ferrari just tried to convince me that, as a white man, he is a person of colour. How's your morning going?" Bankole tweeted before sharing the audio.

When Bankole spoke about "racism in all guises" and how "deeply harmful" it is, Ferrari responded with these questions: "Is it offensive to ask where you're from? Should I have been offended since about the age of 12?"

Bankole said that he believes it is offensive, which prompted Ferrari to say that he has a last name that evokes that kind of question.

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"I've got a very strange last name to British people, so they're going to say where am I from," Ferrari said.

As Bankole began to explain why people of colour are asked where their from, Ferrari interjected with his odd claim.

"Well, I am of colour, of course, because I'm white, white is a colour. But why the problem?"

After Bankhole tried to explain again, Ferrari quickly asked, "Am I not a person of colour if I'm white?"

"A person of colour is often used to refer to racial minorities, Nick, and you know that. You're a white man, Nick," Bankole responded.

"So white isn't a colour for you, Michael?" Ferrari asked.

"I didn't say white is not a colour Nick," Bankole as Ferrari interjected with, "Why didn't you just say racial minorities? I don't understand why you don't use that expression."

Reiterating his point, Bankole continued on to say that a person of colour is also a word used to describe racial minorities.

"The real point here is we're talking about microaggressions [sic]," Bankole added.

Once people heard the audio, they were quite appalled with Ferrari taking up an argument about how a group of people describes themselves.

Check out those reactions below.

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