Nicolas Cage loves shortbread so much he wore an outfit inspired by it

Nicolas Cage loves shortbread so much he wore an outfit inspired by it
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Actor Nicolas Cage wore a tartan suit for the best reason.

As a massive fan of shortbread, he was inspired to dress like a package of the sweet treats as he attended the premiere of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent at the South by Southwest festival in Texas on Saturday.

Cage said: “I really like shortbread and whenever I'm in England I go get a tin can of shortbread and I was feeling kinda happy, kinda like I was biting into some shortbread so tonight I wanted to dress like I was a can of shortbread.”

He laughed and continued: “I broke out my plaid.”

Cage went on to explain that he didn’t know what he was going to wear until the special tartan suit caught his eye.

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He said: “Actually, I didn’t know what I was gonna wear. I’m in New Orleans filming and working on the Dracula project and I was like, I have nothing to wear at South by Southwest and then I walked to Brooks Brothers and they had a plaid suit and I was like, I knew you guys do seersucker, I didn’t know you did plaid.

'And I said, 'Wow, I’m gonna wear this and what’s more, I’m gonna really enjoy that I’m in a plaid suit because I’ve never had one before'. So that’s why.”

Commenting on an Instagram video posted by entertainment company Lionsgate, actor Amber Doig-Thorne wrote “shortbread sales after this video” along with several upward trend chart emojis.

Another Instagram user wrote: “A gem. A treasure. A national treasure even.”

“He must be protected at all costs,” another said.

Elsewhere at the premiere, Cage revealed that he would like to appear in the new Batman franchise as the villain Egghead, which was famously played by Vincent Price in the 1960s Batman series starring Adam West.

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