Noel Gallagher says he never buys discounted supermarket food because poor need it more

Noel Gallagher says he never buys discounted supermarket food because poor need it more
Liam Gallagher invites his brother Noel to his Knebworth gigs

English musician Noel Gallagher said he never buys discounted food from the grocery store - and the reason is sweet.

During an appearance on the Matt Morgan's Funny How?podcast, the former Oasis co-lead vocalist and guitarist said he doesn't make too many considerations when he's doing his weekly grocery shopping and just fills "up the f*****g thing."

"I would never buy a bit of out-of-date fish because it was reduced. I put reduced stuff back. I leave it for the needy," he said.

Supposedly, fans are still surprised when they see him at the market and ask what he is doing there.

"People think that famous people have butlers and all the women are like Joan Collins and all the rock stars are like Mick Jagger; it's not like that."

He also said that he still gets in line a the Tesco Metro and wouldn't have anyone do shopping on his behalf, and has a "normal life" despite his "extraordinary job."

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"I don't like relying on too many other people for anything."

Within the same interview, Gallagher said he would prepare himself to be involved in World War III if it brushed its way across the UK.

"If there was an invasion here you'd have to get involved," he said.

"I would get out to Hampshire, I would access to the roof, and before that, I would order a load of telescopic stuff from Amazon, camouflage gear, a flask, some warm weather long johns and sit on the roof and listen to the radio and shoot anything that f*****g moved."

And in typical sibling banter/rivalry, he made a dig at his brother, Liam Gallagher, who he said wears a big coat to hide his "bit of a belly."

Gallagher also made headlines in December 2021 for calling the Labour party a "f***ing disgrace" and that they are "betraying" working-class people. "betraying" working-class people.

"They've betrayed the working classes, they've betrayed ordinary people, and they've allowed this shower to run the country for however long they've f***ing run the country," he said, in part.

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