Noel Gallagher brands Labour ‘a f***ing disgrace’

Noel Gallagher brands Labour ‘a f***ing disgrace’
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Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has called the Labour party a “f***ing digrace” and said he should to start his own political party.

The Mancunnian performer made the comments during a podcast interview with Matt Morgan in which he criticised Labour for “betraying” working class people.

Gallagher said: “I f***ing hate the Labour Party, they’re a f***ing disgrace. What they’ve become now, a disgrace.

“They’ve betrayed the working classes, they’ve betrayed ordinary people and they’ve allowed this shower to run the country for however long they’ve f***ing run the country.”

The 54-year-old went on to reveal he hasn’t voted for years because of his dislike of the “middle-class” modern party.

He continued: “The modern Labour Party is middle-class c***s who f***ing hate the working class, they hate them, it’s as simple as that. I haven’t voted for years.

“Anyone in their right mind who does take part in that whole circus is a f***ing idiot. Let’s say you call an election tomorrow and you vote this lot out and Labour in, you’re still going to be in the same position in three or four years from now.

“They are not capable of running an after-show party. I should start a new party called the After Show Party, it would be great.”

In the 1990s, Gallagher was a strong supporter of Tony Blair and “New Labour”, but has since become disillusioned with politics.

In response to his comments, someone on Twitter wrote: “Oh god Noel Gallagher ranting about politics again can someone put a facemask on him.”

Another replied saying: “To think we all thought it was Liam who was the t**t”

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