Radio host gets absolutely dragged for comparing 'boomer' to the N-word


Remember when calling someone a "millennial" was shorthand for lazy, entitled and ungrounded, and we took it on the chin and moved on with our lives?

Yeah, so it turns out boomers are snowflakey AF about it when the tables are turned.

Since a couple of articles explaining that "OK boomer" isn't actually a term of endearment went viral last week, our middle-aged friends are feeling a little too seen.

Journalist Taylor Lorenz wrote about the phrase for The New York Times and RIP does not begin to describe the state of her mentions.

But then radio host Bob Lonsberry went full-boomer with this now-deleted tweet:

Ricky Gervais was unimpressed:

As was pretty much everyone else who doesn't call the internet "the web".

But by far the best reply was the simplest.

It's bad enough to be ratioed by "ok boomer" replies to your rant about being called a boomer, but imagine getting dragged by an actual dictionary.

Can't relate.

HT Huffington Post

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