Olivia Wilde celebrates 39th birthday with cheeky bum photo

Olivia Wilde celebrates 39th birthday with cheeky bum photo
Olivia Wilde has shown off the constellation sign tattoos she has had …

To commemorate turning 39 years old on 10 March, actress Olivia Wilde shared a picture reminding everyone that she has a tattoo on her bum cheek.

The film actress and director shared a cheeky photo on her Instagram in which she displayed her tattoo and discussed her age in the caption.

In the sepia-toned image, Wilde could be seen standing side-by-side with a female friend who faced the camera, while Wilde herself stood facing away from the camera.

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Both women wore bikinis and Wilde’s bum tattoo of a dragon was clearly visible in the photo, while a reference was made to it in the accompanying post.

She wrote: “39 and feeling fine. Thanks for the birthday love. I milked it for way too long and it’s been great. Here’s to whatever’s next. Probably not another tramp stamp but who knows. #shameless #howdareshe #thehorror.”

In an interview in 2017, Wilde explained: “I have one really bad one … I have a tattoo of a dragon that I got when I was 13,” adding: “You hand over cash, they’ll tattoo a cat. They don’t care.”

She continued: “I was in New York City and I thought it was a great idea, it had a lot of meaning at the time, but now it’s hideous.”

When asked where it is, Wilde said: “It’s on my lower, lower, lower back. It’s not a tramp stamp… it’s over to the right. It’s an a** stamp, which is probably a lot classier.”

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