Paris Hilton shares disturbing truth behind her ‘first kiss’

Paris Hilton Reveals Shew as Raped By An Older Man At 15

Paris Hilton may have become a household name for being the glamorous socialite with a penchant for purring “that’s hot”, but her life has been far from simple, as she reveals in her new book.

‘Paris: The Memoir’, which is set for release on 14 March, sheds light on some of her most character-forming and, in some cases, traumatic experiences growing up as part of the LA elite.

From the abuse she endured at a brutal boarding school to the truth behind that infamous sex tape, Hilton opens up about her most intimate and painful moments in the hotly-anticipated autobiography.

Among these is her first kiss – a memory that should spark light-hearted nostalgia, but which has instead left her crippled with shame.

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In an excerpt published by The Timeson Monday (6 March), Hilton, 42, recalls being “flattered and teased” by a handsome teacher who told her that all the other girls in her class were “jealous of [her hotness]”.

After requesting her private phone number he allegedly told her to keep it as their “secret” which she duly did, believing that she was being “worshipped” rather than manipulated.

Branding him “Mr Abercrombie” because of his penetrating looks, she said he called her “almost every night”, adding: “We talked for hours about how amazingly mature, beautiful, and intelligent I was, how sensual, misunderstood, and special.

“He reminded me that Princess Diana was 13 years younger than Prince Charles.”

Hilton then recounts how one night he called to ask whether her parents were home and, when she told him they were out, he responded that he was outside waiting for her in his car.

After climbing out her bedroom window and sliding down the drainpipe, she climbed into the passenger seat. That’s when he “pulled [her] into his arms” and kissed her.

Acknowledging that she was “stunned and delighted” by the intensity of it, she continues: “This terrifying blissful kissing went on for what seemed like a long time and seemed to be evolving into something more.

“I don’t know where he would have taken it if my parents hadn’t pulled into the driveway."

Paris Hilton on a float with her mother at the 2005 West Hollywood Gay Pride ParadeGetty Images

Hilton claims that the panicked teacher sped away and sounded like he was crying as he yelled: ““F***! F***! F***!” My life is over. What am I doing? Why did you make me do this?”

She writes that he eventually dropped her off in front of her house and she scrambled back up the drainpipe into her bed.

When her parents burst into her room, she denied the whole thing "and no one ever mentioned the awkward incident again".

“For 25 years, I framed this episode in my mind as ‘my first kiss’ because, even though it wasn’t my first kiss, it made all the kisses that came before it seem like the kisses I gave my pet ferrets,” she then explains.

“I never allowed myself to talk or even think about what it really was or why I climbed out the window to kiss that stupid paedophile.”

Hilton says she struggled to accept that his actions “came from a place of malevolence” rather than admiration and that she was “stupid and vain enough to buy it”.

She adds: “I couldn’t reconcile the fact that I had enjoyed something that was, in reality, utterly vile. I feel physically ill now, seeing it in that perspective.”

After stressing that, decades on, she knows that “no child is ever to blame for inappropriate adult behaviour,” she admits that her face is still “literally burning” as she reveals “this terrible secret”.

Commentators on the excerpt praised Hilton’s bravery and resilience in light of the revelations, with one writing: “This is a great lesson to me to not judge a book by [its] cover and not be so judgemental.

“Money certainly doesn't buy happiness and I feel for this poor woman who had such a challenging childhood and adolescence - well done her for coming through it and being so honest about it and her feelings.”

And another reader pointed out: “This account is a clear example of how grooming works - no matter your wealth, children remain at risk.”

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