People keep reminding Donald Trump about his hypocritical words about Muslim sportsmen

We hate to keep bringing up Donald Trump, but as there's some chance he might be elected US president and could therefore become the most powerful man in the world we think it's justified.

The fact that he's also an incredible buffoon makes it even harder not to write about him.

Like many on Saturday morning the de facto Republican nominee for president woke up to the news that boxing legend Muhammad Ali had passed away.

All very well, you may think. Here's a man who wants to "Make America Great Again" celebrating the life of one of its greatest sons.

But then people quickly pointed out what a MASSIVE hypocrite he is. Back in December he tweeted this after Barack Obama spoke up the nation's Muslim heroes while defending the community in the face of Islamophobic attacks fostered by the likes of Trump himself:

As well as forgetting the likes of Shaq O'Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Trump seemed to overlook The Greatest Of All Time.

And people haven't let him forget after he tried to ride the wave of grief on Saturday...

Perhaps it was fitting that Ali destroyed Trump's arguments in 132 beautifully composed words without even having to mention his name around the same time in December.

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