Gordon Ramsay picks out lamb to kill and eat in controversial TikTok ...

PETA has slammed Gordon Ramsay, 55, as a "callous man" after posting a controversial TikTok video joking about which lamb is "going in the oven first."

In the clip, the chef stepped into a lamb-filled pen and acted as though he found the baby sheep delicious.

"Oh, I'm going to eat you," Ramsay said as he swung his leg over the pen fence. Rubbing his hands together in a cartoonish way, Ramsay sarcastically yelled, "yummy, yum, yum, yum," as he looked at the lambs.

"Which one is going in the oven first?" He asked before pointing at one.

The chef captioned his video "the lamb sauce was still not found in the making of this video..." a reference to a famous sentence Ramsay had said in his show Hell's Kitchen.

The viral clip has received almost 10 million views and thousands of comments.

"I’m not even vegetarian, but this is very sad," one said, while another added: "Gordon about to be the main villain in vegan teacher stories."

Meanwhile, a third said: "PETA watching this be like 👁👄👁" – and they weren't far off.

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The Lamb sauce was still not found in the making of this video…..

The animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), called Ramsay "callous" and "louting."

Elisa Allen, PETA UK's vice president of programmes, did not hold back, telling Joe, it would be funny if his children "went vegan and disowned him."

Allen told the publication: "Gordon Ramsay is a callous man who makes a fool of himself: intimidating gentle lambs is loutish, not amusing.

"What would be funny is if his children went vegan and disowned him – much in the way Elon Musk's daughter disowned her father. Those lambs are just babies who want little from life but the chance to live it and not end up in this moron's – or anyone else's – mouth."

Indy100 reached out to Gordon Ramsay's rep for comment.

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