Pete Davidson has a pretty impressive resume when it comes to his career, but where it conerns his culinary skills—well, it appears he could use some help.

The SNL star recently claimed that he doesn’t know how to boil water so he prepares his Cup O’ Noodles with the help of his coffee maker instead.

On an episode of iHeartMedia's River Cafe Table 4, the comedian shared that he can’t really cook anything other than scrambled eggs and everyone’s go-to lazy meal: noodles.

"I can make a mean Cup O' Noodles,” the 28-year-old boasted.

When asked how he makes the dish, he said: "I go to Costco and I get the pre-made ramen noodles and then I go home”. He then adds: "Since I don't know how to boil water because I'm dumb, I go to the Keurig [coffee maker] and I hit the hot water button."

Davidson then said that he simply “dumps” the hot water into the noodles and stirs it for four to five minutes. Although his method is seemingly foolproof, he confessed that he "eats very hard noodles” and that the meal “is about as far as my cooking goes.”

While we appreciate his crafty thinking, we have some questions. First and foremost; how has he never googled how to boil water?!

Davidson is admittedly a jokester, and this could very well be a ruse—but could this little comment hold some truth?

Pete if you’re reading, we’d be happy to teach you how to boil water, along with some other cooking tips, any time.

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