Pete Davidson has a love bite on his neck and Kim Kardashian fans cannot handle it

Pete Davidson has a love bite on his neck and Kim Kardashian fans cannot handle it
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In the next step of the weird and wonderful relationship of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, the comedian was spotted with what looks to be a love bite on his neck - and Twitter is going wild.

The new couple were seen on a dinner date an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, California on Sunday night when people couldn’t help but notice the large bruise on the left side of the comedian’s neck.

Kardashian, 41, and Davidson, 28, were pictured laughing and smiling like lovestruck teens as they left the restaurant, hopped into a car and drove away into the night together.

Intrigued fans of the couple took to Twitter to share their reactions to this latest display of public affection.

This recent spotting of the couple comes after countless rumours about whether the pair were officially dating or not, which was pretty much confirmed to be true when they were spotted holding hands on Friday.

The rumours first began when Kardashian appeared on an episode of Saturday Night Live, where she and Davidson shared a kiss in a Disney-themed sketch.

Since then, they’ve been spotted holding hands on a rollercoaster in California, at a private dinner in Davidson’s home state of New York and even wearing matching pajamas.

Their unlikely relationship has divided social media, with some in strong support for the pairing and others asking – how?

This is thought to be Kardashian’s first relationship since her split from husband Kanye West.

Davidson is also renowned for his elaborate dating history, which includes stars such Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dyvenor and singer Ariana Grande, to whom he was briefly engaged.

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