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Classic Piers.

In the week following Hugh Hefner's death, many people have shared their own personal anecdotes about the parties at his Playboy mansion.

Enter Piers Morgan.

Writing in his Daily Mail column, Morgan describes how he broken the 'golden rule' at a Playboy party by bringing along his then wife Marion Shalloe.

In 2008 Morgan and Shalloe attended the annual Midsummer Night's Dream party at the mansion.

According to Morgan, the reaction of actor David Hasselhoff was this:

Man, don't you know the golden rule? Never take sand to the beach.


Shalloe and Morgan divorced in 2008.

Morgan goes on to describe the party.

We were greeted by the most eye-popping spectacle: hundreds of mostly semi-naked and completely naked women with various body parts painted, swarming around inside a giant, fabulously decadent marquee.

He continues.

As I soaked in this extraordinary scene, Paris Hilton arrived wearing nothing but Agent Provocateur lingerie and very high heels.

I followed her into Hefner's private Bedouin tent to meet our host.

He was 82 at the time, wearing a toga, lying on a large bed with a dozen or so stunning Playmates, and sporting an understandably gigantic smirk.

For his followers on Twitter, Morgan also shared this detail.

'Big grin'

Piers, you rogue. Whatever will we do with you?

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