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In a thread rebuking the eulogies being paid to deceased Playboy editor-in-chief Hugh Hefner, one Twitter user slammed all the times that Hugh Hefner published nude photographs of his female friends without their permission or their knowledge.

The account @givenchyass has previously done other 'rant threads' about topics such as racism in the Wizard of Ozand conspiracy theories about Amanda Bynes.

The first example about Hugh Hefner sharing nude photos of women without their knowledge is Marilyn Monroe, who posed for Playboy's first cover, but the issue also contained older nude photos of Monroe she had posed for under another name.

Hefner, according to this thread, purchased them and put them in the first issue without her knowledge in order to sell copies.

The thread also claims he did this to Madonna. In 1979 Madonna has posed nude in photographs taken by Lee Friedlander andMartin Schreiber.

Four of these were reprinted in the 1985 cover featuring Madonna. Hefner later published other photos from the series in a book of Madonna nudes.

The incident sparked a famous New York Post headline, Madonna: 'I am not ashamed', which was subsequently transformed into pop art by Andy Warhol.

Whether or not Madonna knew the nudes had been purchased has not been made clear.

Hefner's magazine also published old nude photos of his friend, Vanna White, famous as a co-host on the game show Wheel of Fortune.

In an interview on the Wendy Show from 2016. White discussed the less than loyal aspect of Hugh Hefner's business decisions.

What happened was when I moved to Hollywood I was too embarrassed to ask my Dad for money for rent so I did some lingerie shots like we all do sometimes, back in those days! And Hugh Hefner, they bought the pictures.

Host Wendy Williams injects 'but Hugh was your friend'.

He was my friend he said 'We're going to put you on the cover'.

I said 'Hef if you put me on the cover my career could be ruined, you know' and they did it anyway.

Are you still friendly with him? The answer, was no.

See the interview clip here:

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