Even Piers Morgan thought that Kirstie Allsopp's comments on young home buyers were 'unbelievably stupid'

Even Piers Morgan thought that Kirstie Allsopp's comments on young home buyers were 'unbelievably stupid'
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Piers Morgan savagely hit back at TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp for her comments about young people and property.

In a tweet posted on Monday, the former GMB presenter called Allsopp "unbelievable stupid" for her "ludicrously ill-informed" remarks.

He penned: "Every time Kirstie Allsopp trends, I check why and see she's said another unbelievably stupid, ludicrously ill-informed and woefully privileged thing.

"Then I wait for her to respond to the entirely justified outrage by throwing her toys out of the pram & quitting Twitter again."

The journalist's comments come after Allsopp said she gets "enraged when people say they can't afford to buy." She also suggested young people should "find homes up north" in cheaper areas or move in with their parents if they cannot save for a house.

Allsopp told The Sunday Times she bought her first property aged 21 in 1993 with financial help from her parents. During this time, the average house price was approximately £51,000.

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"When I bought my first property, going abroad, the EasyJet, coffee, gym, Netflix lifestyle didn't exist," the Location Location Location presenter said.

"I used to walk to work with a sandwich. And on payday, I'd go for a pizza, and to a movie, and buy a lipstick."

"I'm up in Nottingham right now and there's a nice three-bedroom home with a long garden on for £320,000," she said. "I get enraged when people say they can't afford to buy. They can."

Allsopp added: "But they have to move, which is hard if you don't have roots there. I know there are many who can't afford to buy, but others are not willing to make the sacrifices."

Allsopp's remarks also sparked a furious debate on Twitter. One joked: "Kirstie Allsopp is quite right. I just cancelled Netflix and bought a house for £5.99."

Another added: "Kirstie Allsopp is living proof that any privately-educated daughter of a baron can buy their first home at 21, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

Allsopp later addressed the criticism on Twitter, writing: "Who thinks I have spent the last 22 years pretending to understand the needs of British homebuyers must think me a very good actress indeed. If you don't like the shows don't watch them.

"But I'm beyond caring what the press or social media think about me, life is too short."

She added: "If you don't like me do tell @Channel4, though the best way to put an end to me is not to watch the shows."

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