Trump's team repeatedly ask Piers Morgan to wrap up interview in leaked ...

Piers Morgan has thrown a Twitter grenade at Nigel Farage by sharing old footage of the ex-UKIP leader speaking poorly about Donald Trump.

On Friday, Morgan tweeted at Donald Trump Jr asking him to 'show your dad this', and attached a video of Farage making negative comments about Trump.

"BREAKING: Leaked footage of ⁦[Nigel Farage]⁩ being shockingly critical about his supposed friend Donald Trump. Can you make sure your Dad sees it, ⁦[Donald Trump Jr.]- just thought you should both know what a treacherous disingenuous little snake you’re dealing with," Morgan tweeted.

The tweet comes after Farage confirmed he shared a dossier of negative comments Morgan had made about Trump shortly before Trump was scheduled to sit down with Morgan in an interview for his new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored.

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The clip of Farage criticizing Trump is seemingly from 2016 - before Trump was selected as the Republican nominee.

"If Trump’s the nominee – he’s saying good things about security – there’s much about the rest of his agenda and his manner that I find pretty worrying," Farage said in the old clip.

At the end, Farage added, "I think there are real problems with Trump."

Farage defended himself on Twitter saying at the time of his statements he was still deciding if he supported Trump and once he chose to support him, he remained loyal.

The tension between the two men began after Farage accused Morgan of faking a scene from his interview with Trump in an effort to generate views.

In previews for the interview, it appears Morgan and Trump get into a heated conversation, leading Trump to storm out of the set. Both Farage and Trump have said it is not real.

Following the preview for the interview, Farage defended Trump on his YouTube channel and explained that he went to Trump with the dossier because he wanted Trump to know the truth about Morgan before the interview.

"I said to him Morgan has gone around boasting in UK media telling everybody he's your friend, he's got special privilege access but in fact, behind your back, he's been stitching you up for a long time," Farage explained.

Farage added that the clip of Trump walking offset was made to look dramatic when really it was just after they had concluded the interview.

The two continued to tweet back and forth at each other on Friday.

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