Piers Morgan speaks out after becoming victim of a deepfake

Piers Morgan speaks out after becoming victim of a deepfake
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Piers Morgan Uncensored

Piers Morgan has become the latest celebrity to speak out on AI after becoming a victim of a deepfake.

A deepfake is a digitally altered video or image used to depict someone else, sometimes without consent and often with malicious intent or to spread false information.

Morgan was among the stars to criticise an online advert that falsely gave the impression they had endorsed influencer Wesley "Billion Dollar" Virgin’s self-help course.

The self-described motivational coach posted adverts which contained deepfaked versions of Morgan and Nigella Lawson, among others.

The clip featured what looked like a clip from Piers Morgan Uncensored, which saw a fake version of the presenter talking about "a lost old scripture that has been used by kings to attract vast riches, miraculous healing and unparalleled love”, referring to the course being sold by the influencer.

Morgan posted on Twitter/X, writing: “Creepy, sinister and will only get worse…”

He also released a statement to BBC News, saying it was "another example of a very worrying trend of public figures being misused by deepfake AI manipulators for financial gain".

"The real victims will be members of the public who unwittingly buy these products believing the celebrity endorsements are genuine," he added.

A spokesperson for Lawson also released a statement to the BBC, calling the advertisement "fraudulent" and "of great concern".

It comes after a number of Taylor Swift fans were reportedly duped out of hundreds of dollars after responding to a fake AI video of the pop star advertising Le Creuset

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