Police release audio of mass brawl involving Sarah Palin and family

Sarah Palin, star of Sarah Palin TV
Sarah Palin, star of Sarah Palin TV

Police in Alaska have released audiotapes and photographs which document a 20-person brawl involving the family of former governor Sarah Palin at a party in Anchorage last month.

At the time, Mrs Palin, aka Mama Grizzly Bear (yes, really), took to Facebook to say she was proud of her daughter Bristol, who reportedly punched the party's host in the face repeatedly during the fracas.

Amid what sounds like a scene of utter chaos (police said some alcohol was involved), Sarah Palin's voice can be heard in the background, mostly urging her children not to "cuss" in front of the officers.

At one point, the former Republican vice-presidential nominee is completely bowled over by the fact that her son Track managed to find his necklace, describing the moment as "such a God thing".

Warning: These clips are a very NSFW (i.e. very, very sweary with racial slurs), so it's probably best to pop your earphones in...

Sarah Palin on the "God thing" and homeowner Korey Klingenmeyer explaining to officers that he wants to press charges against Bristol Palin:

An extended interview with the Palin family (all 27 glorious minutes of it). A voice which is presumably Sarah Palin interrupts several times at around the 1:30 mark:


  • Former Republican vice-presidential nominee, former governor of Alaska and poster girl for the Tea Party movement, Sarah Palin.

According to the Alaska Dispatch News, at least two fights broke out at the event, a joint party to celebrate the birthday of Klingenmeyer's sons and Todd Palin who was 50.

The Palins (Sarah, her husband Todd, daughters Bristol and Willow and son Track) were said to arrive in a Humvee limousine.

According to witnesses, one of the fights involved Track (who was "shirtless and bloodied" when police arrived), Bristol "throwing punches" and a "screaming" former governor.

Five officers wrote up the evidence of the event, with over 15 witness statements - all offering conflicting views as to what exactly happened. No charges were pressed and no arrests were made.

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You can listen to several hours of the audiotapes here, if you really want to.

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