We've all been there; you swipe right, arrange a date, only to find out your paramour-to-be is not who you thought he was.

In fact, not only has he shaved a couple of years off his age (try twenty five years) but he also forgot to mention the balding patch and the fact the his profile picture is not actually a picture of him.

Ladies (and gentlemen), if you're going to go on dates with a ready made escape plan, you need to keep it simple. A fake emergency phone call perhaps, or an unexpected interruption from work.

Don't do what this woman did.

A crime blotter item from Masschussets says that a woman was hiking in Amherst when she was "taken ill" while on a romantic walk with a new pal. But:

Police determined the woman was just trying to get out of a date set up using the WeChat app and feigned illness.


Feigning illness is a classic, just don't use it when, you know, you're on a mountain, and the nearest hospital is a tax-payer funded helicopter ride away.

We have two tips for this unfortunate woman. If you're going to pull the "I'm sick" card:

1. Make sure your date, the person you are trying to flee from, doesn't insist on tagging along to your fake hospital trip.

2. Don't hike in the middle of nowhere on a first date.

Simple rules and regulations, people. Come on.

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