'It just had to come out': Rebel Wilson recalls time she had to poo in stranger's front garden

'It just had to come out': Rebel Wilson recalls time she had to poo in stranger's front garden
Rebel Wilson reveals why she chose comedy career
"It just had to come out."

If you’ve watched the 2011 film Bridesmaids, then you may recall that infamous poo eruption scene with Maya Rudolph and her bridesmaids decorating the bridal shop after a stomach-churning meal.

But art sometimes imitates life, as is the case of Australian actress Rebel Wilson, who had to go number two in a stranger’s front yard in Los Angeles, California.

Wilson - who played Brynn, one half of the brother-sister duo who were Annie’s (Kristen Wigg) outrageous roommates - reminisced about how she was once caught short out in public not too long after making the movie.

Although Wilson had a short stint in the film and wasn’t featured in the explosive scene, she can still relate.

Speaking to Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne of the Life Uncut Podcast, Wilson chronicled the details of her poo escapade.

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“I go on the hike, and it’s hiking uphill, and I was feeling very sluggish after eating, like, probably thousands of calories,” she began.

But then she felt that she had to use the bathroom and she couldn’t make it back to her place.

“It hit me, and it was all inside, and it just had to come out … I squat in this person’s front yard, and then I’m just kind of frozen [thinking] what if somebody sees this… I often get papped there, going on the hike.”

When a car pulled up, Wilson said: “If they get out of that car, they’re going to see me. I’m still squatting on their front lawn.”

“If they come and say something, I’m just going to scream that ‘I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant’. “I don’t know why that was my thing. That was just what I was going to say because you’ve got to say something.”

With sheer luck on her side, the person in the car was visiting the house next door. Soon after decided to pull up her leggings and leave the scene.

Wilson then offered a late apology to anyone who owned the house when she christened the yard. Still, she hopes “those nutrients went into the ground.”

Check out the full Life Uncut podcast episode here.

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