Restaurant staff surprise woman with a perfect pun

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The internet can sometimes showcase the worst parts of human nature, but every so often it does the opposite.

A tale of remarkable kindness, performed by staff at a Tennessee restaurant, has gone viral on Twitter.

Scott, who tweets from the account @NHLFlyera, informed his followers that he had taken his girlfriend out to dinner to celebrate her last post-op appointment following a lung collapse.

After informing the restaurant staff of the occasion, Scott and his girlfriend were stunned when the staff presented them a dessert complete with lung illustration.

In a nod to Mariah Carey's iconic single We Belong Together, the words “WE BELUNG TOGETHER” were also written in sauce.

Responding to replies to the tweet, which has been liked more than 150,000 times, Scott stated that the staff received the “best tip” he has ever left.

Twitter users were universal in their praise of the pun, illustration and gesture.

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