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A Twitter user has claimed she was blocked by the international pop star Rihanna after she posted a number of images of the singer with much lighter skin.

The images were uploaded to Twitter earlier this year with the caption: "Rihanna would look so much more beautiful if she was white."

Tweeting and sharing Photoshopped images of celebrities with lighter skin has seen a worrying rise in recent month.

Pictures of Beyonce and Rihanna are particularly popular, with multiple images of the stars being shared almost as widely as they have been condemned.

And the condemnation is always swift.

Including, it would appear, from Rihanna - who allegedly blocked Alex on Twitter after she shared the images:

Which seems like the most grown up and sensible way to deal with this situation to be honest.

In a rather pleasing twist, Rihanna is currently being applauded for her Fenty Beauty 40 shades of foundation range.

It boasts a shade of foundation for everyone, regardless of their skin tone - and has beauty bloggers hailing it as a win for both light and darker skin.

Including Krystal Robertson, an albino woman who says the make-up from Rih has revolutionised her routine.

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