Rihanna's 'iconic' response hecker saying she's 'late' to Dior show
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Social media went wild when Rihanna announced she was expecting a baby with rapper A$AP Rocky back in January – and now, people have turned to, what some may call, the most fashionable pregnancy to date.

The singer and entrepreneur strayed away from convention and embraced her bump in an unapologetically bold fashion. For the most part, people have praised the star's "liberating" and "empowering" approach towards maternity wear, with one passionate Twitter user calling her pregnancy style "f***ing fire."

Another highlighted, "One thing about Rihanna - she's GOING to show that bump and I love it," while a third called her rejection of traditional maternity clothes "inspiring".

"Rihanna will wear ~anything~ but maternity clothes and I'm so here for it," a third declared.

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Others, however, were strangely offended by her belly-bearing tops and turned to the platform to criticise Rihanna's clothing choices.

One man slammed the singer and said: "It's time for Rihanna to go get some clothes, I'm tired of seeing her stomach."

Inevitably, a string of harsh tweets insisting the singer "put some clothes on" followed.

People slammed the keyboard critics and simply declared to "let her be" – and rightly so.

"The people are really bothered about Rihanna's maternity clothes like how does it affect you?? If you lot don't let that woman be," one clapped back, while another insisted that people should stop "being this pressed" over the singer's clothes.

"It doesn't even make any sense," they added. "She has red carpets and fashion events to attend, she won't be wearing basic maternity clothes."

Speculations have suggested Rihanna will have her baby in Spring 2022, though she has not confirmed. Unfortunately, for eager fans, it looks as though the album is going to have to wait that little bit longer.

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