Ringo Starr thinks Jimmy Kimmel is called Jimmy Kennel

Ringo Starr learnt that Drake was streamed more than The Beatles

Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Kennel? Ringo Starr seems to believe it's the latter option.

Starr made an appearance on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" show on Thursday to discuss his latest photo book, "Lifted: Fab Images and Memories of My Life with The Beatles from Across the Universe."

The hardcover coffee table book features rare, unseen and newly discovered photos of Ringo alongside the other band members. It will also include anecdotes and more from Ringo's perspective on his time in the band.

Speaking to Kimmel, Ringo said that the band once slept two to a room while on the road.

“As soon as we started going around, you know, Europe first, and even Scotland if we had to stay over, but usually if it was in Britain, that night we’d drive home. Even if it was 200, 300 miles, we’d drive home,” he said. “When we started going out, we only ever had two suites. We shared all the time.”

After the show, Ringo took to Twitter to share a photo of himself alongside the TV host. In his tweet, however, he made a hilarious blunder—and no one knows whether it was on purpose or not.

”Another great night with jimmy kennel peace and love😎🌟🌟❤️🎶🍒🌈☮️," wrote The Beatles musician.

People reacted to Ringo's mistake in hysterics.

"The finest shade yet thrown at 'Jimmy Kennel,'" said one Twitter user.

"choosing to believe this is a shitpost," read another tweet.

A fan wrote: "That’s why Ringo’s my favourite!"

"We’re going to be calling him Jimmy Kennel forever now. And to think some people deny how influential the Beatles are," remarked one person.

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