NY Daily News hits out at Moore: 'Screw you and horse you rode in on'
Hal Yeager/Getty Images/New York Daily News

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has lost Tuesday's special election in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, including a claim he molested a girl as young as 14 when he was 32, in 1979.

Mr Moore has vehemently denied all the allegations, but lost endorsements from several sitting Republican senators, resulting in a likely and remarkable Democrat victory in a traditional Republican stronghold.

The Republican refused to concede Tuesday night, telling his supporters in Montgomery, Alabama:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You know, I really want to thank you for coming tonight and realise when the vote is this close, that it's not over.

And we still got to go by the rules about this recount provision, and Secretary of State has explained it to us and we're expecting that the press will go up there and talk to them to find out what the situation is.

But we also know that God is always in control.

The press widely called the victory for Democrat candidate Doug Jones, following weeks of controversy which saw President Donald Trump publicly back Mr Moore.

The New York Daily News even mocked him openly with this front page:

The page references the manner in which he voted in a GOP runoff election in September, turning up to the Gallant Fire Hall on his horse Sassy, with his wife Kayla, on Sundance.

He repeated the stunt to vote on Tuesday, telling reporters:

Don't frighten the horses.

Picture:Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore departs on Sassy after voting in Gallant, Alamaba. (Picture: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

With this result for the Democrats, the Republican Senate majority shrinks to a 51-49 margin.

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