Ruth Davidson calls Jeremy Corbyn 'the absolute boy'

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Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, admitted to the Conservative party conference in Manchester that Jeremy Corbyn "is the absolute boy".

She attempted to spin a narrative about how the politics of popularity is fickle, commenting that Mr. Corbyn "hasn't even won a raffle," but ended up admitting the Labour Leader is the absolute boy.

Davidson told conference:

Politics is not for faint hearts. It's not about what's in fashion or who is the absolute boy.

Just as the SNP came crashing down to earth, Just as they lost 40 per cent of their seats in June, Just as half a million Scots chose to take their vote away, so too can the Corbyn bubble burst, but only if we work hard to make it so.

Because, you know what? People tire of being offered free unicorns. Of easy promises that don't add up.

She also commented on her own leadership credentials:

Now let me make this clear: conference, I love London. No plans to move there myself, but great to visit.

And the DUP deal:

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