Ryan Reynolds lashes out at fans trolling him on Christmas Eve
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Ryan Reynolds is known for a lot of things: starring in Hollywood blockbusters, randomly owning a gin company and promoting it in the best possible ways, and even more randomly owning a Welsh football team, to name just a few.

We also know him for his iconic takedowns of frienemy Hugh Jackman, with whom he’s had a long-running “feud” for years. 

It turns out that’s not the only person he can clap back at though.

On Christmas Eve one follower decided to troll the actor with one of the things perhaps most dear to his heart: his gin.

Posting on Twitter, a user by the name of Benjamin Jackson from Florida sent a picture of the gin bottle alongside a can of Mountain Dew, a “citrus flavoured” soda which has a distinctively bright green colour.

It seems Jackson knew it wouldn’t impress the actor, as he apologised in the initial tweet, clarifying that these were “desperate times”. The image showed a pint-sized glass with ice cubes, the green concoction, a red plastic straw and some ice cubes floating around.

Reynolds reacted accordingly at the sight of his prized gin being defaced in such a way.

But it just got worse as people chimed in to name the drink… even bringing one of his most iconic roles into it.

Needless to say, the people trying to “help” didn’t exactly go down well.

The whole thing may have irked Reynolds more than usual given just a few hours before he’d let his followers know just how he thinks the gin should be drunk. Spoiler: it’s not green.

Still, if getting a rise out of a Hollywood megastar was on Benjamin Jackson’s 2020 bingo, he really did get lucky.

It seems we can always count on Ryan to bring the festive bickering cheer!

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