Last year, Hollywood superstars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney made the surprise announcement that they were now co-owners of Welsh football team Wrexham.

The Deadpool and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars are perhaps two of the most unlikely individuals to ever own a football team, especially as Wrexham play in the Conference Premier, the fifth tier of the English football system.

However, the two seem very invested in the project and will be releasing a documentary about their adventure in North Wales which will be featured on the FX Network.

The duo has now unveiled a trailer for the doc which features both of them and a woman named Maxine, who is their Welsh translator. However, it soon transpires that Maxine isn’t too keen on Reynolds or McElhenney and doesn’t accurately translate everything they say.

At one point Maxine says in Welsh: “There is no way these two can manage a football club. And the one with the toupee thinks Wales is in Scotland. Neither of these men have pleased their wives sexually. They both will die alone in their mansions, gripped fiercely by the cold, indifferent embrace of pure loneliness.”

“What the f**k was that?’ says Reynolds, unable to understand what she was saying with McElhenney left to question who hired her.

Needless to say, people thought it was hilarious including Reynolds on/off enemy Hugh Jackman who said he loved Maxine.

By the end of the trailer, Reynolds and McElhenney figure out how to have some fun with Maxine’s translation skills and try to get her to say “nobody wants another Deadpool film” and “I can’t wait for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 16: The Dead Horse.” Spoiler: Maxine does not say either of those things.

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